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Millennial Trader Nick Deflorio Runs an Education Company to Help Everyday People Turn Trading Into A Profitable Income For Themselves

Originally working full time as a real estate agent in Australia back in 2016, Nick Deflorio was used to earning a decent income. But he eventually realized that he was trading all his time for money. Something clicked in him when he noticed a colleague earn more on the side just trading from his full-time real estate job. 

Venturing Into Trading Forex

“There was a guy in my office who was trading the markets and he always had the charts up on his screen. I was intrigued at what he was doing, so I asked and he mentioned he was trading the forex market and making $1,000 to $2,000 a day in profit just on the side of his full-time job,” Nick shared. 

At that point, Nick was 19 years old and was shocked that someone could turn their spare time into a few thousand a day, even whilst working full time.

Because of this, Nick pursued trading, got mentored, paid for top-level coaching in London, and decided to leave his full-time job once he found consistency and replaced his income. 

“When I left my job I turned $20,000 into over $200,000 through trading the exact strategy I now teach people, it took me a good 3 years to build a consistent strategy. This year alone, I have done $284,000 in profits,” he said. 

Teaching Others His Ways 

“When I started making money in the markets, I realized that everyone was asking me for advice and wanting to know how they could get started, so I created an education company, as I saw so many companies neglecting beginners who have no experience,” Nick said. 

Fast forward four years down the track, Nick’s company is now one of the largest and highest reviewed beginner trading education companies In the world.

“People always ask, why sell education when you are such a profitable trader?  The biggest turning point I ever had was when I actually started teaching people,” he said. “To teach is to learn twice, ever since I started teaching what I knew, I would get better and better and refine my strategy to give both myself and the client the best of my work.” 

To date, Nick has had a record day netting $35,000 of profit in one day, with $284,000 made this year through the pandemic. He has had over 30 students that have now hit the $10,000 a month mark and five students hit $10,000 profit days. 

“These are individuals who started three to four months ago and knew nothing at all about the markets,” Nick said. 
For a free training webinar, visit Or get to know more about Nick and his venture by visiting his Instagram (@realnickde) or his company’s Facebook page.