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Devin Johnson, CEO At The Reputation Management Company (RMC), Is Changing The Agency Business Landscape

As the Chief Executive Officer of The Reputation Management Company, a Utah headquartered branding and reputation agency, Devin Johnson is known as an expert in business and personal reputations. Mr. Johnson has spent more than 20 years building organizations, and volunteering his time to work with young people, mentoring them in developing their business skills and personal integrity.

Helping children learn and grow fuels Devin. He has devoted his spare time to working with the Boy Scouts of America, local youth groups, and scholars at Noah Webster Academy where he served as a board member and board chair. Noah Webster is a charter school based in Utah that has earned one of the highest national academic rankings and fiscal responsibility ratings. He coaches childrens sports, and is a partner in Our Little Ones, which funds orphanages in Tanzania.

Devin W. Johnson at Utah Coalition Against Pornography event Salt Lake City, Utah

Professional Development

Working as the CEO of The Reputation Management Company (RMC) takes a critical eye and broad knowledge of business. Daily he and his team are consulting customers around the world on how to best share their brands message online, while also providing services to help restore damaged reputations, countering bad press, and knowing when to admit mistakes were made. RMC also helps its customers with brand positioning, executive brand coaching, monitoring the internet for good and bad information about a company, and insulating companies from negative comments and unfair criticism.

It’s crucial that business owners care enough about their operations that they’re willing to spend time and money to correct misinformation or lessen the impact of bad press or reviews on the company’s online reputation. Johnson confirms that his company handles reputation management for clients worldwide, which adds even more complexities in some cases.

The Reputation Management Company works with individuals, small companies, and large corporations, and Johnson works hard to instill his core values in his staff. That means taking the time to learn about a client’s company, understand their values and purpose, while identifying their pain points. His team must be experts in knowing how to handle various scenarios to satisfy clients with a broad range of digital marketing goals.

Recently, he was asked to take part in the Leader Roundtable Interview Series, which DotCom Magazine sponsored. Johnson has also written several articles, spoken to community groups, and mentored young people and trainees trying to enter the job market.

David Redikop, David Loper, Shad Lords, Devin W. Johnson, Colin Kelley, and Mike Proper. ClearCenter team, ClearUnited, ClearCellular, ClearPhone, ClearFoundation, Orem, Utah

Shared Ideals Common to Business

Devin Johnson is committed to worthwhile causes, and instills cultural traits in his teams centered on honesty and transparency in business dealings. Johnson feels that team members and customers are any company’s most valuable assets, because clients entrust the company with their business, reputations, hard-earned money, and support.

Devin encourages any business to stay engaged with its customers because clients are an extension of the brand. There are good and bad ways to earn money, and earning money honestly and transparently should always be a primary goal. It’s better to abandon some customers if they don’t match a company’s core values and amplify it’s reputation then keeping customers who will hurt the company long-term.

Richie Norton, Jase Bennett, Devin W. Johnson, and Tiffany Sommer Johnson at shipping container tiny home launch event, Lehi Utah

{Meta: Richie Norton, Jase Bennett, Devin W. Johnson, and Tiffany Sommer Johnson at shipping container tiny home launch event, Lehi Utah}

On a personal level, Devin Johnson is married to Tiffany and is the father of four children — two boys and two girls. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Johnson proudly states that he lets his LDS faith define his business persona, and moral character. “I simply try to help others personally and professionally by just doing what I can to be kind, supportive, and to help share experiences that may be useful to someone else. I’m fortunate to work and deal with great people” he told us. He enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, traveling with family, and looking for new adventures personally and professionally.