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Huawei Employees Collaborated With Chinese Armed Forces

A number of Huawei Technologies Co. workers have collaborated on research projects with Chinese armed forces personnel, indicating closer ties to the nation’s military than previously acknowledged by the smartphone and networking powerhouse.

Huawei workers have integrated with members of the various organization of the People’s Liberation Army on a minimum of 10 research endeavors spanning artificial intelligence to radio communications.
These initiatives are only a few of the publicly disclosed studies that make clear how employees at China’s largest technology firm teamed with China’s People’s Liberation Army on research into an array of potential military and security applications. The authors of the treatises, which have not been reported in the media previously, recognized themselves as Huawei workers and the company name was prominently listed at the top of the papers.

Trump’s administration has imposed strict limits on Huawei’s capacity to do trade with U.S. firms and request for allies to follow suit, saying it poses a national security threat.

Tech companies and military agencies have been integrating around the globe for many years, producing lots of technologies that underpin the modern internet. In China, that public-private relationship is especially close-knit because of Beijing’s sway in every sector of the economy.

The studies papers show one area of overlap, no less than when it comes to personnel. Whereas they don’t prove that Huawei itself has close links to the Chinese navy, they do show that the company’s relationship or at the least that of its employees with the People’s Liberation Army is more nuanced than it’s executives have previously outlined publicly.