Researchers Found Fossils Of Giant Bird In The Coast Of Black Sea


A giant bird, weighing a couple of half-ton and standing almost 12 feet tall — the first of its measurement ever found in the northern hemisphere — might have lived alongside early humans, who feasted on it almost 2 million years in the past, based on a new study.

Researchers from the Russian Academy of Sciences recently unearthed a fossil belonging to the huge creature — referred to as Pachystruthio dmanisensis — in Crimea’s Taurida Cave and started to research its origin, based on the research revealed Wednesday in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.
The gargantuan birds might have offered meat, bones, feathers and eggshells for early human populations, based on the research.

“When I felt the weight of the bird whose thigh bone I used to be holding in my hand, I assumed it should be a Malagasy elephant bird fossil as a result of no birds of this size have ever been reported from Europe,” research creator Nikita Zelenkov from the Russian Academy of Sciences stated in an announcement obtained by CNN. “Nevertheless, the structure of the bone unexpectedly instructed a distinct story.”

The gargantuan birds could have supplied meat, bones, feathers and eggshells for early human populations, based on the research.

They seemingly fed off fruit, and crossed Turkey and the Southern Caucasus to succeed in the Black Sea area, the researchers stated.

The flightless birds are comparable — although a lot bigger — than modern ostriches, based on the research. They’re related in size to the lengthy-extinct elephant birds, however they’re higher runners — aided by their long and slender femurs, the research stated.

“We don’t have sufficient information but to say whether or not it was most intently associated to ostriches or to different birds, however we estimate it weighed about 450kg [992 pounds],” Zelenkov stated. “This formidable weight is almost double the biggest moa, thrice the biggest living bird, the frequent ostrich, and almost as a lot as an adult polar bear.”

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