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Commodore-64 Computer Return With Fully-Functional Keyboard

Commodore-64 Computer Return With Fully-Functional Keyboard

Modern versions of iconic gaming consoles been popularized in recent years, however, the rebirth of this latest product will surely resonate with early computer users.

Manufacturer Retro Games announced this week it’s engaged on an updated version of the beloved Commodore 64 8-bit computer launched in 1982 and price $595 at a time. It was teased in a trailer set to the theme song of popular 80s-themed Netflix show “Stranger Things.”

Referred to as THEC64, the computer is a more complete duplicate of the mini-version additionally launched last year by Retro Games. The updated product comes with a full sized retro keyboard, a classic joystick and a choice of classic games including Speed-ball and Cyberdyne Warrior. It’ll cost $199.99 when it launches in early December.

The chunky, tancolored Commodore 64 computer brought personal computing into the home for millions of users in the early- and mid-1980s. Folks used their C64s, as they had been identified, for everything from basic office function to pristine games such as, Impossible Mission. It was limited to 64-kilobytes, of memory concerning the equivalent of 1 long e-mail.

Commodore sold greater than 17 million of its C64 systems, based on the manufacturer Commodore International. The Guinness Book of World Records as soon as listed Commodore 64 as one of the best-selling computer model of all time.

Retro Games initially sought funding for the computer in 2016 with an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign that failed to succeed in its target objective. The team refocused on creating and releasing the C64 Mini first as other retro mini-consoles, such as the NES and SNES Classic Editions, exploded in popularity. However, the retro keyboard that came with the C64 mini console was purely for show. The team rectified that decision by putting a fully-functioning keyboard in the full-sized version.

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