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YPF and Pampa offer more than US $ 500 million for a power plant

In the second bidding attempt, the Government received an offer of more than US $ 500 million from YPF and Pampa Energía to acquire the Ensenada de Barragán Thermoelectric Power Plant, in the province of Buenos Aires.

IEASA -the company that succeeded Enarsa- is the one in charge of the contest. The opening of envelope 2 with the economic offer was made this Tuesday.

 The offer was made jointly by YPF and Pampa Energía for US $ 533,429,500. The future buyer must take care of a debt estimated at US $ 304,000,000. Finally, it will also have to complete the cycle closure works, whose cost estimated by IEASA exceeds US $ 200 million.

Based on this offer, the IEASA Evaluation Committee will prepare a report that will be submitted to the board of directors, who will then submit it to the Assembly.

This is the second sale attempt made by IEASA. The company had tendered the Ensenada plant, along with Brigadier López, in Santa Fe, last February. At this time, IEASA had found inadmissible the offers that had been submitted by YPF and Central Puerto, “for not complying with the requirements of the Bidding Terms and Conditions.”

Central Puerto, owned by several businessmen, including Nicolás Caputo, could stay with the Brigadier López plant. It was the only bidder and proposed to pay US $ 165,432,500 and take over a debt of US $ 161,118,000. The agreement provided, in addition to the sale, to complete the works to close the cycle of the plant, which increases the generation capacity, which will cost US $ 50 million.